Dr. Rubina Azam MD is here for you!

Welcome to our Practice!

Dr. Rubina is your personalized Integrative and Functional medicine doctor. She offers Functional Medicine Consultations to Women and Children of all ages. When you meet her, you will know that she aims to find out What is the underlying cause of your illness, instead of shutting down your symptoms with medications.

Dr. Rubina uses advanced scientific functional Medicine testing including genomics and biomarkers to find the root cause of your illness. Dr. Rubina uses cutting edge laboratory testing to find the triggers of the diseases, like toxins, heavy metals, allergies, infections and energy problems in Mitochondria and oxidative stress contributing to your illness.

Once she has found the triggers, Dr. Rubina may use diet, lifestyle changes, supplements and, or conventional medications to treat your illness and will make sure to find the gentlest way to help your body restore its balance.

Dr. Rubina is very different than your typical doctors. She is not only a conventionally trained and Board Certified MD but she also has extensive training and Board Certification in the area of Integrative Medicine from the top Integrative Medicine institute in the country under the Mentorship of Dr. Andrew Weil MD, one of the most respected names in the field of Integrative Medicine.

We invite you to call our office today to make an appointment with her, your health is your asset and Dr. Rubina will aim your treatment and prevention at the DNA level to preserve and protect it.

Dr. Rubina Azam MD's Specialties and Board Certifications

American Board Certified in Integrative and Holistic Medicine
Fellowship trained in Integrative Medicine with Dr. Andrew Weil at Tucson, University of Arizona
American Board Certified in Pediatrics and Adolescents Medicine.

Please note that Dr. Rubina Azam MD will provide only functional medicine consultations to women and children of all ages, however she will not be the Primary care physician to women. Please make sure you have a primary care doctor. Dr. Rubina Azam may work with your primary care doctor to achieve the best optimum health for you.