Dr. Rubina Azam MD is American Board Certified in Integrative and Holistic Medicine. Dr. Rubina also recently completed her Fellowship training in Integrative Medicine with Dr. Andrew Weil at the University of Arizona, Tucson. Dr. Andrew Weil is the founding father of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine. Dr. Rubina Azam is the only physician in the area to have this Integrative Medicine fellowship training and Board certification in Integrative and Holistic Medicine.

Dr. Rubina Azam is Board Certified in Pediatrics and Adolescents medicine as well. She completed her residency training at Howard University Hospital and Austin Chidlren Hospital, Texas. She then went for extra training in the field of Neonatal Intensive Care at the Hospital for Sick Children and Mount Sinai Hospital affiliated with University of Toronto, Canada.

Her Board certifications in the fields of Integrative/Holistic Medicine as well as General Pediatrics make her extremely comfortable in providing Integrative and Functional Medicine Consultations to patients of all ages and a variety of illnesses from Autism and ADHD to Autoimmune diseases, and Arthritis and various other chronic conditions.


Our philosophy and belief is that every illness is basically a disturbance of the normal physiology somewhere in the body caused by and triggered by various environmental agents. Dr Rubina Azam will work with you to find the root cause of your illness, and once that root cause is identified and removed, the downstream effects can be reversed as well.


To treat every patient as a whole person, to understand the system, not just the symptom, to find the underlying cause before prescribing any supplement or conventional medication.


To educate families on how to look at their bodies and minds and spirits as one integrated system and to understand that any imbalance in one of these three areas will cause symptoms which may not be treatable with conventional medications and pharmaceuticals. To enable every patient to understand their body and their mind and their needs and identify their strengths and weaknesses.

Dr. Rubina Azam MD with Dr. Andrew Weil MD at the Fellowship Graduation Ceremony

Dr. Rubina Azam MD with Dr. Andrew Weil MD at the Fellowship Graduation Ceremony